Martinique hotels & resorts

Welcome to the French Caribbean!

With its 3 hotels and residences in Martinique, the Karibea Hotels group invites you year-round to discover the legendary beauty of the Caribbean.

Our establishments, ideally located just steps away from the most beautiful white sand beaches, offer approximately 500 hotel rooms and 1,500m² of seminar rooms in a paradise-like environment. Here, the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea competes with the vibrant colors of the local vegetation, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and escape. United by over 20 years of expertise and a commitment to your well-being, our hotels in Martinique offer you unique moments of pleasure and relaxation, exploring the cultural, gastronomic, and natural treasures of the archipelago. A true invitation to travel, the discreet and picturesque charm of our hotels, combined with the kindness and friendliness of our teams, guarantee unforgettable holidays.