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Located in the south of the island, the Natiyabel Diving center is based at Karibea Sainte Luce Hotel, located in front of the beaches of Sainte-Luce. The seabed is rich in coral reefs and comfortable weather conditions (water at 28 ° C, lagoon, Caribbean area protected from the east winds).

Natiyabel gives free introductory diving lessons in the hotel’s pool to guests staying at the Karibea Sainte Luce hotel on Tuesdays and Saturdays (may be modified without prior notice).

Natiyabel is a design of diving based on pleasure, comfort and safety. Natiyabel, which means “nature is beautiful” in Creole, is also well known in Martinique for its commitment to the protection of the marine environment.

His instructors speak French, English, Spanish or German, and of course local Creole. They are both PADI Instructors (American Teaching Method) and French State Graduates. The reliability of its boats, its equipment regularly maintained and renewed, the quality of its dive sites, its constant desire to offer maximum comfort and safety to its customers, are in keeping with the attention that is reserved for them, whether they are neophytes or experienced divers.

Information at the hotel or by phone at +596 696 366 301.



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